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The Girl
She was born late in the year on a night where the moon and stars could not be seen. No one was sure how she came to be at all, as her mother was shunned from the town as a witch. She practiced ancient ways that scared the townspeople, and refused to accept any of the modern rites, as her mother had done before, and her mother before. When her mother was found to be pregnant, the townspeople dreaded what she held inside her. They thought that it would have to be pure evil, and couldn’t possibly be human. They would jeer at the woman, and throw rotten fruit at her when she went to market, but she would just turn to the person and smile slyly, winking sometimes and holding her belly. This frightened the people even more, so they eventually just left her alone.
On the night of her birth, a strange woman came to town. No one knew who she was or where she came from. She was neither young nor old. It was impossible to tell how old she was, as her hair still matched the night and her eye
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The Turd?
Walking into class last Wednesday,
I found something on the floor.
It was brown and oozing, squished,
Half of it sticking to the chair.
The other half was ingrained in the carpet,
The brown blending with the green
In a wet, grotesque manner.
Why is this turd on the classroom floor?
Should it not be in a toilet?
I asked this to all of my colleagues,
But all looked puzzled
Until one brave soul walked over
To get a better look.
It’s not a turd Sam, he informed me with a smile,
It’s a doughnut.
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Wake up!
Everyone walks by in a fog,
Sleepwalking through life,
Complacently accepting everything.
How can they?
When will they spit up
From all the shit they swallow?
One would think that they would notice
That it tastes bad.
I almost want to Baaahhhh at them,
Those poor sheep
Being led to slaughter.
Wake up, darlings, wake up.
Sleepwalking will get you nowhere
But lost
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It is a travesty when a piece of technology
Is named after a wooded area.
It is like naming high schools after Indian tribes
that once lived where the foundation of the school
Now stands.
What is the fascination of naming destructive forces
After what was destroyed?
Technology destroys nature.
What right does it have to bear its name?
This fact is made even worse
Because the average American
Does not even know what sylvania means.
Maybe if we were more interested in learning,
Technology wouldn’t infringe so much
On the names of the natural world,
And we could keep the barrier firmly in place,
Right where it belongs.
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On Working
On days that I work, I don’t bother doing my makeup.
I wear Men’s jeans and T-shirts.
I wear my Chucks with a pair of knee socks,
And pull my hair back so that it is non-existent.
I climb ladders with my wrench strapped to my belt,
And hang off the top, my legs the only things keeping me
From falling 30 ft to my death in the seats below.
I kick, curse, and hit things until they function again.
I work like a man, and look like a man,
And I hate it.
The one thing that I keep feminine is my underwear.
I make sure that it's my cutest pair,
So that even if no one else knows
How girly I really am,
At least I do.
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Morning Coffee
When I think of my mother,
I think of old, used envelopes
Scattered on the kitchen table.
When I would get up in the morning,
I would sit with her. She would drink coffee,
I hot chocolate, being the little girl I was.
We would talk about everything.
Sometimes she would grab an envelope
To illustrate an idea.
She would diagram each part,
Sketching her words into pictures,
Then drawing arrows and pointing
Until I understood.
She loved to show me her plans
For her new directions of art.
I can distinctly remember
At least three different periods,
Each one branching off of another.
She would always say
That she got her ideas from watching me,
And that I made her career.
I wonder if I actually did,
Or if she was just saying that
To make me feel more important.
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Love Poem
Stop wasting your time on love poems,
You say, You know they accomplish nothing,
And they only hurt you to write them.
Why don't you work on your other ideas?
Your talents are better used elsewhere.
If they were better used elsewhere,
I say, why are they considered my best works?
My love poems at least let me say
What I want, as I want to say it.
Even if it falls on deaf ears.
I hear your words just fine,
You say, but I don't always understand them.
Do women always take one moment
And dissect it into ten lines of agony?
It seems a bit absurd to me.
It shouldn't seem at all absurd,
I say, I know you do it too.
Remember last week when I said maybe?
The difference is that I write it out,
Rather than asking all of my friends.
(I found out about that, mind you.)
Do love poems give you answers
You say, like friends do?
I would rather depend on another person
Than on a piece of paper
To clear my troubled mind.
(Of course you did. You find out everything.)
Poems clear my mind better than peopl
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Mature content
Last Night :iconfearlady:fearlady 0 0
At the beginning of fall
When the nights come faster
And the air stands frigid,
When all hope of summer is gone,
I freeze.
All fluid in my body hardens, and
I am a walking mound of ice,
Impervious to everything,
Unresponsive and intolerant.
I am not here, these days,
As I refuse to let go of
The idea of warmth.
I leave only a shell
Wearing blue lipstick
So that everyone can know
That I am frozen.
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Mature content
Fuck Life :iconfearlady:fearlady 0 1
Can I help you, Officer?
My dear sir;
While I understand that it is your duty
To protect and serve,
I do not see how pulling me over
On my way home from a long night
Of working at the theater
To see if I am drunk or not
While I am obviously driving fine
Is serving the general welfare.
Perhaps you should pull over
More suspicious persons.
Then we wouldn’t have
To drive as much,
And your precious roads
Would be less clogged
At 2:00AM,
For there wouldn’t be reason
To be afraid of walking home
Alone at night.
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My Dear Friend
Today, when I woke,
I grew tired of myself.
The same old makeup,
Hair, clothes.
The same old worries,
Wants, needs,
I needed something new.
Something you.
Yes, you, my dear friend,
Who is my opposite,
Perfectly. Exactly.
Exactly what I need.
I stepped into the few
Articles of clothing
That could be yours.
I even tried your makeup
And your attitude.
And for one day,
I left myself behind.
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Dandelion puffs
Are not as fluffy when wet
They look like squirrels' tails
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I find that sometimes,
When I walk
And am not
Paying attention,
I still limp.
It is slight,
And probably
But still.
I even my strides
As quickly as possible
And want to cry
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Just to Say
I have gone to
The edge
Where the sun
Meets the sea
And seen
That your worries are
Yet you still
Seem to expect some
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Warm Wool Sweater
How can you be
A warm wool
Bathed in white
Under the sad
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United States
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Favourite genre of music: Goth
Favourite photographer: Gina Gagliano
Favourite style of art: surrealism
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: my ipod
Shell of choice: cockle
Skin of choice: translucent
Favourite cartoon character: Death, from Sandman
Personal Quote: Everything happens for a reason.


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